Best Keyboard For League of Legends - [May 2021] Reviewed
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Best Keyboard For League of Legends – [May 2021] Reviewed

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Best Keyboard For League of Legends – [May 2021] Reviewed

Playing League of Legends is a challenging task, and it’s more than difficult when you don’t have the right gear to play the game. Some of you will surely love the league of the league. At the same time, when you get killed because of a defect in your gaming equipment, you will be angrier.

Has this ever happened to you that you pressed Flash only to hold it and not let it go off? Then you 100% pushed it but somehow nothing happened and you ended up dead in-the game. If this is the case or anything similar to it, then what you need to do is to upgrade your keyboard.

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Lately, there is a massive increase in the production of mechanical keyboards because of this popularity, which has risen dramatically. These keyboards are different than conventional keyboards since you can pick traditional keyboards for some bucks. But as these mechanical keyboards are specifically designed for gaming, they cost a bit higher.

Indeed, computer gaming is a vast industry now, and people of every age are crazy after gaming. The League of Legends is one of the most famous games among favourite games around the globe.

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Unlike FPS games, League of legend is a game which is centred on the keyboard and the mouse. The whole gameplay depends on timing. We all know it feels when you try to execute a complex Ryze combo and fails just because the keyboard or mouse which doesn’t “Respond” in time.

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A keyboard is a simple machine but an essential ear that takes care of your gaming and it is the only part of the hardware that can provide you with a true advantage over your competitors. All you need is to spot the best keyboard for you and that’s why we are here today.

NoProduct NameBest ForRatingLink
1SteelSeries Apex Pro
Editor Choice
Editor ChoiceBUY NOW
2Logitech G910
Best For Features
FeaturesBUY NOW
3Corsair K70 Lux
Editor Choice
Editor ChoiceBUY NOW
4Das Keyboard X50Q
Best For Features
5Razer Blackwidow
Best for Price
Best for PriceBUY NOW
6SteelSeries Apex M750
Editor Choice
Editor ChoiceBUY NOW
7Rosewill Mechanical keyboard
Best for Price
Best for PriceBUY NOW

To save your time and effort, we are here to help you to pick the right keyboard that you can rely on for the league of legends. We have dig deep to find out the best keyboard for league of legends and came up to you with a comprehensive and detailed list of top keyboards.

Some of the keyboards are fan’s favourite, while some of the keyboards are a personal favourite. These are the top, hottest, and most popular keyboards available in 2020.

Wire or wireless?

Before moving to the discussion of best keyboards first let me make you clear that which is better for you wireless or wired keyboard

Both wireless and wired keyboard play their roles differently. If one side, with the wireless keyboard you can easily carry them, you won’t be interrupted because of any wires, then on the other side wireless needs to be charged. So after every couple of days, you might need to plug in the charger.

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Talking about the wired keyboards, the wired keyboards don’t need a battery and eliminate the risk for them of letting you go in the middle of the game. Well, with the wireless keyboard, these things happen often and it feels worst of all.

I am not degrading any wireless or wired keyboard. I am just telling you the factors you will experience if you go for respective headphones. You should consider the situation I have mentioned above and above make your decision.

Best keyboards for league of legend in 2020

1.SteelSeries Apex Pro – Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

SteelSeries Apex Pro Review

SteelSeries Apex Pro is surely an excellent keyboard for gamers. That’s why it is the very first keyboard in our top picks but it’s quite versatile too. We are so used to Cherry MX mechanical switches and RGB lightning which makes everything kind of starts to blur together. Luckily, the SteelSeries Apex Pro has changed this perception for us.

At first look, anyone will appreciate the attractive and striking design and excellent RGB lightning of this keyboard. Still, only gamers and finking typers know what the keyboard is worth.

The gamers are found to appreciate its unprecedented customization that offers unique switches which allows you to individually set the actuation point i.e., how far you have to press the key to register it. This feature applies to nearly every key.

You can lower the actuation point to experience a better response rate. At the same time, gaming or you can also raise it to reduce the number of typos or accidental keystrokes when typing text. This beast not only offers a robust and eye-catching build, but it also provides magnetic key switches that are user adjustable.

Imagine you’re playing league of legends and you are continually hitting your partner on an accident. That’s because you’re too clumsy. Still, with the SteelSeries Apex pro, you can adjust the actuation point for any key, let suppose “Q” key up to a 10 level, and you’ll trigger that ability when you mash on that key.

Looking into dimensions of this keyboard, the height of the keyboard is 1.6 inches, 17.2 inches width, 5.5 inches depth and 21 lbs. Weight.

The ergonomics of the keyboard is good, and the keyboard comes with an excellent magnetic wrist that is easily detachable but only features a single incline setting. The feet of the keyboard open up vertically, which means that if you push the keyboard forward, they’ll fold back in.

Long short story, the keyboard is an excellent keyboard that features innovative adjustable actuation points. If you are good with linear switches and willing to make up your setup, you can count on SteelSeries Apex Pro.

  • Unique adjustable force actuation setting.
  • Very well- built design.
  • Quiet mechanical keyboard.
  • No dedicated macro keys.
  • Wrist rest is dirt magnetic.

2.Logitech G910 – Best Logitech Keyboard For League of Legends

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Logitech G910 Review

Back then, there was a time when it was difficult to choose a keyboard that suits your computer décor, but now the Logitech’s G910 Orion sparks do it effortlessly. Logitech is one of the most popular brands that has been the preferences of many gamers from years, as they provide the best gaming keyboards packed with high-end features under the budget.

It doesn’t matter which color combination your keyboards need to complete your gaming setup as this full-colour keyboard lets you choose your backlighting color combinations. Logitech is hardly cheap, but it offers user-friendly, comfortable, and drop-dead gorgeous. 

The enormous keyboard measures 19.9 x 8.3 inches. On comparing it with Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, which measures 18.7 x 6.7 inches or the corsair Gaming K70 RGB which is 18.6 x 8.3 inches, the Orion spark is bigger than both of them.

Apart from size, the design of the keyboard is unusual, the keys are enormous, and each key has two distinct indentations on sides. The indentations are angular instead of round confirmation which is standard on every other keyboard. The W, A, S, D keys have an eye-catching design on them and it reminds the players that’s where your fingers should rest. The keyboard has a nice aesthetic touch.

The super-speedy Romer-G mechanical switches feature 100 per cent anti-ghosting across all of its 113 keys. The plus point of this monitor is that it has a specific “HUB,” which is dedicated to your Android or iOS smartphone which allows you to see your in-game score or to monitor the vitals of your computer using apps like Lolsumo and Such.

The Romer-G mechanical switches allow gamers to execute killing complex combos or speed dodge skills in split seconds, which is very important in League Of Legends and that’s why when it comes to responsive rate, many good keyboards can’t beat this beast.

  • Excellent design and lightning.
  • Great in-game performance.
  • Flawless macro-recording.
  • Lighting options could be more robust.
  • Romer-G switches feel run on the mill.

3.Corsair K70 Lux – Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Corsair K70 Lux Review

Some of you might know Faker, well he is one of the best gamers around the globe and he uses this keyboard. So if he uses this keyboard, then indeed there is something in this keyboard and that’s why it is in our top picks too.

The keyboard is specifically designed for gaming purposes and can’t be used for typical computer operation. At first glance, the keyboard includes LED-backlit lights, sturdier construction, and easy removal or replacement keycaps.

There are generally two designs of critical switches. Rubber domes provide feedbacks for membrane switches; this type of switches is popular in traditional keyboards.

The other design is mechanical switches, and it features metal contacts and use of a spring to provide resistance and to keep to keycap in place. The metal contact i.e., mechanical keyboards are more popular among gamers because they are more tactical, last longer and offers faster response rate.

The Corsair k70 LUX features a sleeker look with satin chassis and textures spacebar, which features diamond plate design. The keyboards provide 100% anti-ghosting and windows locking button to disable certain functions which interrupt while gaming.

Another popular feature of corsair K70 Luc is its powerful and intuitive Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. With the support of this software, you have complete control over the backlighting of the keyboard. You can easily customize the brightness and color for each key individually. Customs layout is easy to create and can be saved for to be loaded layout each time you switch the game.

The effective typing setting causes the key to change or light up colours as they are used or it’s based on the frequency of use. In short, the corsair k70 is a reckoned gaming keyboard market. With continuously excellent reviews, the keyboard is one of the best sellers in the market.

  • Crafted from air-craft-gear metal.
  • Lightweight.
  • Key switches have gold contacts for precise, consistent and fast key activation.
  • The price tag seems to be high.
  • The keyboard isn’t designed to be dismantled.

4.Das Keyboard X50Q – Best Cheap Keyboard For League of Legends

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Das Keyboard X50Q Review

Well, we are talking about mechanical keyboards, right?, then how could we forgot Dad keyboards. Das keyboards are known for their high quality and understated boards. Das keyboards are booming the market since the year, and das X50Q has shaken up the market with its unique features.

The keyboard can display all kinds of notifications using its per-key RGB lighting. The company claims that the Das X50Q is the first “cloud-connected keyboard.” Is this true or just a marketing strategy? Let’s find out.

X50Q’s cloud functionality takes place within the Das Keyboard Q software. The software is available on both platforms iOS and windows. While in Linux and iOS beta versions are available of the app. Once you create the account with Das, you’ll see two main options: The edit view, which enables you to customize and adjust the backlighting and dashboard of the keyboard. Here you also set up notifications.

The other pane is the “signal centre,” where the main action happens. The das cloud-connected feature Zapier or IFTTT, these are two popular automation services that let you connect other devices and apps with a keyboard. On pressing the “+” button, it brings up a new window. There you can set up notifications.

Coming to its design, the Das X50Q is good looking and large keyboard which holds a great balance between sleek simplicity and industrial look for a gaming keyboard. The top panel of the keyboard is made up of aluminum and swappable, with a few visible Torx bolts around the edges.

The keyboard also features some sharp gamer-Esque styling on the chassis via an RGB light bar. Overall the construction is heavy and rugged. The keycaps are solid and made up of ABS plastic with laser-etched legends which are quite disappointing at this price.

Plus you can’t replace the keycaps because das isn’t using standard cherry switches on the board.

Das has some features that you won’t find on any other keyboards such as the ability to create macros while gaming. The RGB lighting surprises all the times with its brilliant colors. It allows you to make different profiles for different games and have them automatically activate when you open the game.

  • Typing quality and build are top-notch.
  • Board feels excellent and solid.
  • RGB lighting is excellent.
  • No USB hub.
  • Irreplaceable keycaps.

5.Razer Blackwidow – Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Razer Blackwidow Review

The Razer Blackwidow is a keyboard that is designed explicitly for gaming purposes. Thanks to its low pre-travel design before actuation. No doubt, people in the gaming industry still consider this keyboard as the mother of new mechanical gaming keyboards.

Even though there are many other modern keyboards are released in the market, the Razer Blackwidow keyboard still retains its legendary status. The keyboard is ideal for League of Legends players.

There won’t be any injustice if we call this keyboard a Mercedes Benz of gaming world because of the design and build it offers.

If you have seen Grazer’s recent huntsman Elite keyboard, then you are already aware of Blackwidow’s basic design. The chassis is made up of black coloured plastic which is nothing special but elegant. The RGB backlighting of the elevated keycaps reflects the subtle backlighting to the surface of the keyboard.

On the left side of the keyboard, you have got a USB port and a 3.5mm audio cable port. In the upper side of the keyboard, you will find media control keys with aesthetic pleasing circular buttons and a ridged dial which can be used to control both lighting levels and the volume.

The wrist panel adds 3.5 inches to the keyboard; without it, the keyboard measures up to 17.5 x 6.5 inches. The keyboard is the smallest, but we are sure that you won’t find any trouble fitting it on a standard desk.

  • Gorgeous, functional design.
  • Smart bells and whistles.
  • Great in-game performance.
  • Occasionally wonky software.

6.SteelSeries Apex M750 – Best SteelSeries Keyboard For League of Legends

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

SteelSeries Apex M750 Review

Again, a keyboard from SteelSeries. The SteelSeries Apex M750 is one of the top-line gaming keyboards. With the mechanical keys switches designed, n doer lighting aims to dazzle. The design of this keyboard is simple but the RGB lighting is involved.

If you are into tournaments and competitive play is your only goal, then considering this keyboard is a good option you’ve got.

As a gaming keyboard and the main desktop element, the Apex M750 succeeds with flying colors. The keyboard has floating keycaps which makes it easy to clean.

As the keys are popups, so this shows nice lighting effects through the keys. The keyboard comes with an option of lighting customization, simple static lighting and individual key colorization. Great RGB lighting doesn’t make a keyboard useful but SteelSeries has this job nicely of producing an aesthetic element to complete your gaming PC.

The keyboard comes with a pre-designed color lighting profiles for PUBG, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more games. The customization in this keyboard is easy and user-friendly with plenty of options to switch between.

It’s a myth that the key switches Apex M750 is using are similar to Cherry MX Reds and it doesn’t surprise us that they both are pretty tricky to use for everyday typing.

Long short story, with the speedy, responsive keys and attractive design, the Apex M750 is worth your attention if you are into tournaments scene.

  • Springy, responsive keys.
  • Colorful illumination.
  • Intuitive software.
  • Not ideal for travel.
  • Productivity drawbacks.

7.Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard – Keyboard For League of Legends

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

Rosewill Mechanical keyboard Review

If you are in search of a simple and no thrills attached mechanical keyboard, then my friend, here is exactly what you need. Although Rosewill gives a simple, bland and basic look but look can be deceiving.

The Rosewill is available in a wide range of cherry MX switches including the traditional blue, speedy red and brown version.

Unlike other keyboards in the list, this keyboard doesn’t feature any macro keys. We know for some of you it’ll be let down, especially for those who play other games that require macro keys. But a league of legends doesn’t require it and if you are a true fan of the league of legends and only willing to dedicate your full attention to one game only then you should prefer Rosewill without it.

Unfortunately, the keyboard isn’t backed up by a backlighting setup, and for that, you save a lot of money too.

Well, yes, it doesn’t look as good as others but it does the job all the way perfectly and that’s all matters.

  • Great responsiveness.
  • Media shortcut keys.
  • Windows key lock.
  • Lacks backlighting.
  • No macros.

Buyer’s guide

Best Keyboard For League of Legends

How to select a gaming keyboard?

Before buying a gaming keyboard, it’s better to have some knowledge about it so that you’ll have a better idea of what you are looking for. So here are some of the factors that you should pay attention to.

  • Anti-ghosting (Key roller)

The critical roller tells that how many keypresses your keyboard can measure at once. Standard keyboards offer 1 or 2 key rollers. But the gaming keyboard usually comes with 6 key rollovers to avoid ghosting.

If you are in search of a competitive gaming keyboard, then go for N-key rollover (NKRO) which guarantees to register EVERY keystroke.

  • Switch types

There are two types of switch. One is mechanical and the other is the membrane. The membrane-type switch is commonly found on standard keyboards but the mechanical type is specially designed for gaming purposes.

So we also prefer your mechanical switch keyboard and recommend you the same.

  • Build quality

Well, gamers are not gentle when it comes to gaming. So make sure to select a keyboard with a solid build that can handle fast and rough tapping of the gamers.

  • Backlighting

Most of the people love to play games in a room full of the dark surrounding. So it’s better to select a keyboard with powerful backlighting with the full RGB coverage.

The latest keyboards support the option to adjust the brightness of each key. The gaming keyboards also offer color customization of each key as well as effects like breathing, wave, color-shift etc.

The bottom line

Choosing a gaming keyboard is a difficult task to do as there are so many to choose from, but to help you out, we have already listed our top picks for 2020.

In this guide, we are sure you’ll find what you were looking for. And if you still can’t figure out what’s best for you, then let us know in the comments section. We will be happy to help you out.

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