15 Best light Gaming Mouse - [May 2021] Reviewed
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15 Best light Gaming Mouse – [May 2021] Reviewed

Best light Gaming Mouse

15 Best light Gaming Mouse – [May 2021] Reviewed

Since 1958, when the first video game was released, the gaming world has seen a lot of advancement in the gaming sector. There is rapid progress in video games regarding their graphics and gameplay.

The video game developing companies are launching games for various types of gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, but their main focus is the gaming pc. Most gamers consider PCs as the best gaming device because PC provides its users with the best graphics than any other gaming console.

When you are having the best keyboard, monitor, and the CPU, then why don’t you have the best mouse? The mouse is one of the significant parts of the PC, especially for the gamers. There are a lot of changes made in the structures and features of the mice for gamers.

One of the changes includes the weight of the mouse to make it easy to move. Nowadays, the gaming mouse is as light as a feather. Where the burden of the mouse gets reduced, there is the addition of several features in the mouse.

The companies brought several changes in the shape and the size of the mouse to provide a firm grip. The sensitivity of the mouse has raised for the gamers to provide easy gliding on the mouse pad.

When there are wireless keyboards and controls are available, there is also a wireless gaming mouse, which gives you a premium gaming experience without restrictions and limitations.

The gaming mouse is smaller and compact, yet it has many functional buttons that help gamers during their game.If you are a gamer and looking for the best lightweight gaming mouse, then you are at the right platform because this article is going to help you to select your desired mouse.

1.Logitech g pro wireless gaming mouse

Best light Gaming Mouse


Dimensions125 x 63.5 x 40mm
no. of buttonEight buttons
battery life60-hour

The Logitech G Pro wireless mouse is also included in the Logitech Professional configuration. This arrangement includes unusual rat species that have been proposed for use in high interaction levels. Logitech is really happy to spend at least two years with donations from over 50 gaming professionals.

Therefore, they were given the opportunity to produce lighter and better catches, precise structure and DPI adjustment rats. Logitech’s mice are used in their titles because of their extraordinary efforts over these twenty years. Amazon now sells this rat on other mice.

This remote mouse from Logitech weighs 80 grams (very heavy), which makes it even more recognizable when it comes to the best sensor. You can access different options, for example, you will find that you are overweight to use 80 grams including weight. Another, this remote mouse is the lightest we can explore.

The unique features of this Logitech mouse are 2 side catches on each side (two ways), 8 programmable catches using 16000 dpi level. It has an optical sensor and full RGB lighting. Compared to Logitech’s different remote gaming mice, this mouse has better and longer battery life. When the mouse is fully charged, it runs 49 hours without lights and 63 hours without lights in a row.

  • Remarkably agreeable
  • Adaptable able to use both hands structure
  • Awesome sensor execution
  • Excessively little for a few
  • Dull styling

2.Glorious model o gaming mouse:

Best light Gaming Mouse


Dimensions128mm / 59mm / 37.5mm

In the light of this great model o gaming mouse, business has gone beyond that. This rat weighs 67 grams and can be purchased at a very low cost with a very low weight. Lightweight, well-shaped mice require DPI totals for the best gamers, and have proven to be the best for glorious gaming. Either way this mouse model can be found on the O site and Amazon sells them through them.

The high-tech highlights we noticed were the DPI settings (12000), and the switches on both sides worked well, with the optical indicator giving the mouse a little relief. When this current is turned off, the RGB lighting is open and the mouse has 3 specific dimensions (128mm, 59mm, 37.5mm). Lightweight properties are implemented through the honeycomb shell structure.

This mouse project may have been inspired by the construction of some final mouse mice. It is known about the guidelines suitable for any rat, honeycomb and low shell configuration give advantage by providing low weight. The position of both hands of the mouse can be used as in the Soviet FK1.

There are two side switches on the left side of the mouse. They are based on the fact that every FPS rat has a general determination of side catches. The catches required to click use Omron switches that can operate up to 20 million ticks.

  • Great form quality
  • Immaculate optical sensor
  • Too adaptable link
  • Some lighting advances could be smoother

3.G-wolves skoll gaming mouse:

Best light Gaming Mouse


Dimensions125mm / 68mm / 42mm

Although they are a lesser known brand, G-Wolves Skoll is taken out the door with their latest G-Wolves Skoll gaming mouse. The G-Wolves’ scales weigh 66 grams, making it one of the lightest RGB gaming mice on the planet. It can be accessed in 4 vague colors and I cannot think of another gaming mouse with multiple formats, the colors are dark, white, red and green. However, similar to the Model O with the MM710, the mouse has a comb and packaging to significantly reduce weight.

Skoll Bundle has all the highlights you would expect on a high-quality gaming machine. This is a first-class Pixar art sensor, so you do not need to redo the following issues or problems. Only the two DPI catches hidden under the mouse are really unusual, but this turns off any chance for miss-clicks.

Of course, the paracode link is also practically over-adapted by providing a remote surface and looks great when used with the mouse.

Another amazing thing about this mouse is that it has an extra paracode link, extra pair of mouse feet, some stickers and a huge tin box. The work above involves the Tin Box PUBG Theme Workshop, which makes you feel like you have been released by any kind of collectors. All things considered, the G-Wolves Skoll is a lightweight, medium-sized rat with 4 structures for bracing and advanced technology.

  • G-wolves Paracord
  • Honeycomb-structure
  • PMW 3360 sensor
  • Base Heavy Felt marginally unequal

4.Cooler master mm710 gaming mouse:

Best light Gaming Mouse


Dimensions4.6 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches
MaterialsABS plastic, PTFE
DPI Min-Max400 to 16,000

Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse with lightweight honeycomb shell and ultra light ultraviolet cable weighing 53g, MM710 is the lightest gaming mouse in this roundabout.

Undoubtedly the cooler master created by Final Mouse and Glorious used the honeycomb shell texture to achieve low weight.

Fortunately, the mouse open-shell has a spring and residual protective cover that limits the threats of fiction. It is a medium-sized little mouse that adapts to hook and fingertip grip styles, but you can palm it with your hands.

In terms of technology, the Cooler Master checked all the special boxes. It has a gaming-grade picks art sensor with a DPI rating of 400 to 16,000, and you should not have any of the following problems when using this mouse. The Ultra View Link is wonderfully adaptable and when combined with the mouse it feels remote for all intentions and purposes.

In terms of catches, you’ll only see two important side catches on the left side of this mouse, a small DPI button under the paper wheel, and Omron will catch two important snaps, giving them a snap lifespan of 20 million. As you may know, people buy custom mouse pads for their mice, fortunately, the MM710 now has 100% PTFE mouse pivots, which look like hyper glides.

Surprisingly, at the time of writing this survey, the Cooler Master MM710 is only $ 50. When all is said and done, the MM710 will not be ready for operation unless you are looking for a mild rat and do not worry about the lack of RGB lighting.

  • Faultless optical sensor
  • Very adaptable link
  • Extraordinary incentive for cash
  • The Perforated plan may prompt residue development inside

5.Logitech g300s optical ambidextrous gaming mouse:

Best light Gaming Mouse


LightingLED (8 Colours)
Dimensions115mm / 72mm / 37mm

The Logitech G300 weighs just 82 grams and is a heavenly choice for gamers looking for a lightweight gaming mouse. Also, its structure is similar, current and stylish, which is the inspiration behind what everyone needs.

The shading is dark and the mouse has a blue base with LED lighting strips on either side.

This mouse has 8 lighting hugs and 3 lighting effects, which you can pick and choose depending on what you appreciate. Additionally, the mouse features a 2500 dpi locator. Nowadays, it is common for skilled players to play at regular DPIs. Thus, the 2500 is really unreliable and not a problem.

This mouse 6 has accessible fasteners that can be placed on the mouse head. This can confuse some people as the amount of catches can lead to wrong clicks.

Despite this minor problem, the structure and catch configuration are ideal for people to use with both hands. In addition to these lines, these gaming mouse rights and left-handed people can also be used.

  • Quick and simple to design
  • Extraordinary for fps games and customary PC work
  • Solid and deals with any surface
  • Excessively little for huge hands

6.Xtrfy m4 gaming mouse:

Best light Gaming Mouse


SensorOptical Pixart 3389
Weight69 g (excluding cable)
CPI settings400/800/1200/1600/3200/4000/7200/16000
Polling rate settings125/500/1000 Hz

Unusual Project 4 mouse in the context of the Model O, “offering a light, good and solid right and efficient shaped mouse”. In fact a few months later, with a properly given plan, a comb, and an example to keep the mouse simple and straightforward by twisting your toe down.

The link, scroll wheel, catches and sensor is usually powerful, so you can adjust the shape and size as you like. The mouse stands out with RGB lighting, interior light-up ecstasy logo, and a choice of five colors: dark, white, blue, pink, and other ultralights available in ‘retro’ beige.

We’ve seen a wide variety of lightweight gaming mice so far, though the options are fantastic in all situations, and the M4 definitely stands out in its unique shape. It has been found to be perfectly acceptable for use with a palm/hook macro crossover, but the medium size is suitable for most people.

Due to the ergonomic structure, however, the M4 may not be for everyone, so be sure to move on unless you have a chance to find out that you like such a shape.

For a rat weighing 69 grams, the M4 was additionally built. No-fuss, no exploitation, no flexibility, and the shoulder development forecast for mouse catches are not worth it. In general, it is the most powerful inclined super light gaming mouse.

  • Particular however entirely agreeable shape
  • All around fabricated thinking about the weight
  • Excellent essential and side catches
  • Link isn’t exactly up to the norm of the MM711
  • No product


Best light Gaming Mouse


Weight58 grams
Buttons5 + DPI switcher

The most convenient alternative for your face-to-face gamers is the Ninja Air 58 light mouse. This makes extended periods of gaming really acceptable and useful. In addition, it is easy for you to turn with a moderately light mouse. The Final Mouse Air 58 Ninja is one of the lightest mice currently available.

This is a very popular rat among clients and gamers. It is a great choice for streaming and messaging around the mouse, for example, Fortnight.

This gaming mouse weighs just 58 grams. In fact, you heard right – just 58 grams. Also, the way this mouse is designed is very interesting and unique. This is the honeycomb design. This kind of regular mouse gives a lot of fun and stylish outside. Right now, you have a gaming mouse that works efficiently and looks extraordinary.

Additionally, this mouse has 3200 dpi with a change of four degrees. The more recognizable the DPI, the better and more precise control you have over the cursor. You can now modify the DPI according to your own needs. Some games take less DPI, others do not. With 4 level adjustment technology, you can use the most suitable DPI.

This gaming mouse also has a twisted string that coordinates the shadow of the mouse. The interconnected structure protects the wire from mileage. Additionally, the Mouse is available in two colors, Mystic Blue and Cherry Blossom Red.

As such, it cannot be effectively accessed. This rat can be accessed on Amazon from time to time, however, it is very expensive due to its intense demand and low stock.

  • Top tier overly delicate and light link
  • Incredible shape
  • Strong development
  • Great catches
  • Elusive and costly on optional market, investigate our other options
  • Just 500 Hz surveying rate

8.Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Best light Gaming Mouse


Weight                          66 g w/o cable
Number of Buttons7 (including wheel click)
Sensor                     PixArt PMW3389
Resolution              50-16,000 CPI

One of the most common ultra lights in this roundabout is the aerodynamically right – handed conventional shell suitable for rocket cone pure ultra, palm or hook grasps. Despite the appearance, the pure ultrasonic locations attached to the honeycomb structures have the staples and precision of an optical sensor, such as the Extreme M4, RGB lighting for gaming mice, but the extensive investment funds are up to the normal weight.

Used with a pure ultra-delicate touch matte finish. Regardless of whether or not you have true trophobia, this is super light for you in situations where you despise the pulse of the Holy Mice.

  • Incredible sensor execution
  • Grippy covering
  • Full programming adaptability
  • Link could be more adaptable

9.Endgame gear xm1 white:

Best light Gaming Mouse


Weight                      70 g
Number of Buttons  5 (including wheel click)
Sensor                     PixArt PMW3389
Resolution               50-16,000 CPI

The XM1 Gaming Mouse is a high quality gaming mouse built into the Pros, new from endgame gear. It combines advanced features such as the PMW 3389 sensor from Pixar and the pre-selected durable mechanical Omron switches. These are put together to make the ultimate gaming mouse.

The unique claim to the popularity of the EndgameGer XM1 is that it has a fast click response time of less than 1m, but we do not see a difference in normal gameplay. Instead, we appreciate the complete absence of its high-end PixSart 3389 sensor, super-thin PTF mouse legs and RGB lighting. The new white version is not just a palette swap – it comes with an improved and super flexible cable‌, which is one of the biggest weaknesses of the original version.

The skates under the mouse have also been upgraded. Together, the two changes make a huge difference in usability – meaning XM1 White is climbing a few places in our rankings.

  • Phenomenal form quality
  • Stunning sensor execution
  • Super lightweight
  • No programmable information sources

10.Benq zowie fk2 ambidextrous gaming mouse

Best light Gaming Mouse


Dimensions124mm / 64mm / 36mm

The most popular of the master FPS players is the BenQ Soviet FK2, for example, CSGO and Overwatch. This specific evidence is sufficient to distinguish between this and other mice.

This mouse comes with excellent quality made from excellent optical finder including light weight of FK2. Combined with all these factors, this mouse is the perfect choice for a more intense FPS interactive experience, however, the Soviet rat is very simple in appearance, although it works equally well with mice.

On each side, beautifully designed and generalized 2 side catches appear along with it, this plain cruising attachment and playing with the mouse does not require a product to work on its own. This statement fits its simple and attractive wonders.

This mouse has an optical locator, but not terribly RGB light or distinctive colors. Most people are better off without RGB Lite as it is considered a common item available to all rats in the business. All the mice we have preserved so far have 3 different toys (124 mm, 64 mm, 36 mm). It has 2 side switches which make it easy to use left hand and right hand.

4 DPI settings do not make mistakes. Also, DPI (3200)’s catches are not hard to hit, but miss clicks are not. It appears to be a problem of self-reproduction.This mouse is a trivial but elegant real case, hence the ideal decision and the decision in favor of comfort and quality on the excellent structure and character for the players.

  • Exceptionally material mouse catches
  • No product required, attachment and play
  • Lightweight as low as 85 grams
  • Weighty snaps may be exhausting for games other than shooters

11.Corsair katar gaming mouse

Best light Gaming Mouse


Weight86.18 g
Dimensions11.18 cm x 6.35 cm x 3.81 cm

The Corsair Qatar Gaming Mouse is just a lightweight gaming mouse. Its lightweight guarantees that you have extraordinary power over the mouse and can play well.

This gaming mouse has no side catches. Then, for the anger of every person thinking about side catches, this mouse might be a great choice for you. However, all players who consider side catches reasonable may have a minor problem with this error.

This mouse has a wide shape, which makes it unusual for those with large hands. In addition, it features an exceptional project including rubber treatment and finishing elements. It is accessible in dark and dull colors and it looks very pretty. The Corsair logo can only be burned in shading‌ and one error is that it is red.

Another unusual thing about this rat is that it can be used with both hands. This indicates that it is appropriate for rights and left persons. The mouse is well known among clients as it can be used by everyone. It has an excellent grip on a variety of clients. Accordingly, you will not experience a meaningless wrist or wrist.

The mouse has an excellent quality sensor and the DP can reach up to 8000 feet. Below the paper wheel is an accessible DPI button. With the help of this catch you can modify the DPI.

Similarly, it is possible for gamers to embed their own DPI application settings. This mouse can be effectively accessed on Amazon at really affordable prices

  • Lovely plan with greater palm rest
  • Supports 8000 DPI, which is ideal for games like FPS, MOBA, and other such games
  • The quality contrasted with the cost
  • It is a super light gaming mouse, which you dislike on the off chance that you are routine to substantial mouse

12.Logitech g203 prodigy rgb wired gaming mouse:

Best light Gaming Mouse


Dimensions117mm / 62mm / 38mm

Is it true that you are looking for the best weight loss mice to force the requirements of Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming mice on your face? You are shown in the right place. Logitech G203 is a wise decision for you.

Also, you can access it on Amazon‌ at great cost. There are no big flaws you can buy for such good value. Then, you need to get your hands on this gaming mouse as fast as you can logically expect.

This is the standard architecture typical of a large part of a Logitech device. It weighs about 85 grams. Light weight is an exceptional factor because you can turn the mouse around. Small size can be a problem for all gamers of large size.

Mouse catches are designed to ensure extreme unwinding, especially when you are thinking about serious play. Catches are effectively available and add to your unwinding and accommodation. Also, the grip is completely incredible and comfortable.

  • Lights and programming are extremely practical
  • The Cable is bounty adaptable
  • Cost to quality is magnificent
  • Catches can be unintentionally set off if the mouse is set down too forcefully
  • Needs plaited link


Best light Gaming Mouse


LightingDM Logo
Dimensions126mm / 68mm / 39mm

The first personal shooter (or so-called FPS) games became very mainstream with betting youth. Dream Machines DM1 Guru is a great choice for SFPS games and can also be used on mobiles. This rat weighs just 84 grams. This is great for a lightweight gaming mouse. Also, it is reasonable for gamers to use a light mouse so that it can move easily.

A serious problem with Dream Machines is that the DM1 Pro S gaming mouse comes in two different configurations. The elastic penetrates out into the dark shadow. In addition, the elastic exterior ensures that you get a flawless and firm grip on the mouse.

Good understanding is important when you are gaming for broad hours. Amazing Comprehension ensures that you can play calmly.

The two-handed structure can be used with a gaming mouse. This indicates that it can be used well by people given right and left. This gives it a very popular mouse because everyone uses it instantly. However, there is a problem, which is that catches appear on the left side of the mouse.

  • Overhauled sensor is phenomenal, Cheap, Excellent switches, not very delicate or excessively hard, Comfortable because of size and weight, Sleeved link permits development however there is no catching, No driver to introduce, Feels tough
  • Strong Build Quality, Pixart 3360 Optical Sensor, Omron Switches, Very pleasant Gaming feel
  • In general Availability, No Control Software, No Right Side Buttons (Ambidextrous Issue


Best light Gaming Mouse


Dimensions111mm / 68mm / 40mm

Finding the most comfortable Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse is a daunting task. You need to monitor the perception of the mouse and how well it fits in your hand. The Corsair Harpoon is an excellent choice for gamers with small hands.

As such, it is excellent for anyone looking for a lightweight mouse (83g). This gaming mouse is absolutely reasonable and offers all the features available on any top-of-the-line gadget.

This gaming mouse is built in an unusual way. This is a special mouse instead of the usual ones. DPI ranges from 250 to 6000. This amazing range is unbelievable as different games require a clear DPI.

The higher the DPI, the more precise and precise control you have over the cursor. This is unbelievable for games that require quick action.

With the help of apps, you can set and fix key circles for catches that appear on both sides of the mouse. Also, this mouse has optical sensors, which is an excellent part of betting.

  • Amazing execution
  • Sensible cost
  • Long battery life
  • Following not up there with the best
  • Little size won’t please everybody


Best light Gaming Mouse


LightingGreen, Cyan, Blue
Dimensions117mm / 64mm / 38mm

This Razor Abyss V2 gaming mouse is a redesign of this first Razor Abyss. Significant changes in this new form are the sensor and the shape. The mouse position can use both hands satisfactorily for players given left and right. The grip of the mouse allows you to feel the exact shape, but most people think it is much smaller than normal mice.

We need to explore the specifics of this new look of the Razor Abyss. DPI settings are 5000 only and there are no side catches. However, the mouse has an optical finder, which works well.

Lighting has attractive shading alternatives, for example, cyan, green and blue. Like the first gaming mice, it comes in 3 different sizes (117mm, 64mm and 38mm). The weight is extra amazing; 83 g.

The Razor Synapse program has the ability to modify 4 programmable catches on the mouse, Allows you to place the switch between the catch DPI profiles under the mouse over‌heel. Using the uses of a razor, the DPI can be adjusted on projects ranging from 100 to 5000 dpi.

  • Brilliant side holds
  • Smooth, negligible structure
  • Exceptionally compelling sensor
  • Takeoff Distance excessively High


On the off chance that you’re a gamer, at that point utilizing the lightest gaming mouse can be incredibly helpful. Notwithstanding, yielding execution basically to lose some weight isn’t the ideal methodology. Along these lines, what you need is a lightweight gaming mouse which despite everything performs magnificently.

It ought to have an incredible sensor, it should be agreeable to grasp and use, and it should have the option to withstand everyday utilization.


This is something that should be considered greatly as you should buy the mouse that suits your hand size and gives you a comfortable feeling.

However, it is quite difficult to judge the size of the best lighting mouse through a glance in the picture and that is the reason for providing you with the dimension of each mouse so you can compare it with your present mouse and get some estimate of what you should opt for according to your ease.


Although most of the mouses appear to be the same but still if you are the one familiar with every aspect of t then this won’t be true for you and surely you want to have something unique and obviously appealing so with the available illustrations you can decide on what you actually in need of and surely you would be having the one available here but make sure that the design should not affect your comfort especially when you are a pro gamer.


A mouse with the perfect sensor is all that you need and you can have even 12000 DPI sensor but this is not always good and you can have extremely great gaming time with low DPI so nothing to worry about.

Well, it is quite difficult to judge the sensor capability without using it and therefore we are providing you with the sensor information of every mouse listed and hopefully, you will find your track easily.


  • Is a lighter mouse better for gaming?

A heavy-weighted gaming mouse is more diligently to quicken and decelerate, however, it’s more precise with higher sensitivities. Furthermore, a lighter gaming mouse can move quickly and is more precise when utilizing lower sensitivities so it is better to have a lighter mouse.

  • Is Logitech better than Razer?

Usually, Logitech seems better at broadly useful highlights, while Razer centres around choices a client may like while in-game so what you need to do is to identify your purpose of getting a new gaming purpose then opt for a suitable brand.

  • Does Mouse matter for FPS?

Indeed a mouse matters and in any case, don’t attempt to decide anything from DPI as almost all advanced games can make up for lower or higher DPI, and on the off chance that we are looking at gaming, at that point simply surrender the DPI over to the game.

Wrapping up

So, Have you find the best lighting mouse for you and feeling glad to have all the required information?. Then share your kind words with us in the comment box and we will provide you with more possible assistance.

Hopefully, our efforts will get you the best mouse in your budget and you will have an ultra gaming adventure.

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