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10 Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege in 2021 – Reviewed

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

10 Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege in 2021 – Reviewed

Rainbow 6 Siege is one of the most polished shooters in the industry after five non-stop updates.

It’s also one of the most competitive, so you mustn’t hamper your equipment.

It would be best if you had latency, precision, and plenty of buttons for your mouse. A mouse that glides over your mat, allowing you to shoot accurately as you take heavy fire.

But it’s difficult to choose the correct mouse; that’s why we assembled the definitive guide to choose the right mouse in 2021 for Rainbow 6 Siege.

10 Best Mouse for Rainbow Six Siege

These mouse parallels with our top keyboard picks are also suitable for Rainbow Six Siege if you like the best possible peripherals.

1.Razer DeathAdder Elite

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a sturdy and sensitive mouse and is a strong pick for Rainbow Six Siege.

It is developed around an optical sensor with a massive 16,000 DPI. This optical sensor is ideal for detecting enemy operators as they snap between doors.

The optical sensor of the DeathAdder Elite is also designed to reduce pixel skipping that is a significant bonus for games with precise ADS gameplay. But it’s the programmable keys that make the mouse so bright.

You get a limit of 7 that is more than sufficient to chart your favorite devices, voice chat, and melee. Not to mention that these super-clutch shots are vulnerable to and crouching or firing mode transfer.

You may also use Razer’s patented Synapse tools to write macros for people who want to Bohren down and build a completely customized configuration for their favorite operation.

The standard of construction is also high. You buy a high-quality mouse, and we don’t have any reservations about the finish.

However, sustainability is an issue, and the DeathAdder Elite is still a giant rodent.

Fine for most paws, but we would suggest something smaller if you found that you are struggling to hold an average mouse.

  • It has an optical sensor of 16,000 DPI and accurate tracking of 450 inches per second.
  • 99.4 percent resolution accuracy
  • Allows on-the-fly adaptation of the sensitivity
  • A highly customized button configuration allows you to monitor your setup without any precedence.
  • Compatible with Razer Synapse, to create and use your macros
  • Mechanical switches of the top mouse
  • Not the smallest mouse on our list, which might prove a challenge if you play claw grip or need some pretty cute
  • Very heavy, which can be a challenge because your mouse is smaller and more maneuverable
  • The mouse is not the longest lasting. The rubber side grips can disappear if the mouse is overhanded, which can harm the output when the mouse is punched.
  • Requires Razer app installation and Razer facilities, which will disable some citizens

2.Logitech G403

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

The Logitech G403 appears at first glance like a very regular games mouse.

There are no sleek and sophisticated Razer DeathAdder Elite curves, and we know that many players will be turned off with its very stable lines.

But a mystery lies behind the Logitech G403, designed around a genuinely innovative HERO sensor that offers a peak sensitivity of max. 100 to 25,600 DPI.

Now many players from Rainbow Six Siege look at this and say, “Why would I need a 25,600 dpi mouse when I spend 800 DPI on my games?.” But its stats are not the best thing about the HERO sensor; it provides these sensitivities without smoothing, filtering, or speeding at all.

If you go down your pages, you can boost your DPI without thinking about pixel skips or jitters.

Many headshots and less time are asking how on earth half of the magazine sank into a wall that was a significant success in our books. This means more accurate gunplay.

The G403 naturally has its fair share of disadvantages: It’s a high mouse with a humped back, so the aggressive grip on the clutch is awkward, and the cable is very robust so that smooth glides can be interrupted.

But for devoted R6 players, what with the rubber side handles, six programmable buttons, and incredible sensitivity is still a good option.

  • Optical sensor with a capacity of 25,000+ DPI
  • No smoothing or acceleration, so you can perfect your objective without thinking about external intervention.
  • It features an incredibly sturdy mouse wheel.
  • Six programmable trap and gadget connecting buttons
  • Ergonomic architecture and influential side panels are a joy to have
  • Some people consider the left and right side buttons very light and attack the mouse wheel because they are not clicky enough.
  • The rigid cable may be deceptive.
  • Not the right option for those who have a claw handle
  • DPI change is not as straightforward or as smooth as the DeathAdder Elite.

3.Logitech G Pro Wireless

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

Wireless mice get a poor name, but the wireless Logitech G Pro is a stir of fresh air. It is one of the lightest mice on our list, with a weight of just 80g. It is one of the reactionary ones, too.

No delay is observable despite the absence of the wire, and the unbelievable HERO 25k sensor enables rapid lightning motion.

The G Pro is also one of the only mice on our list, with swappable keys built to make a play on the left.

But many of the adaptation choices we have come to know and enjoy are lacking. For those of us who would prefer a little heavy on our mouse, no optional weights exist.

There are no influenza panels on our hands, and there are fewer buttons than we want for the Rainbow Six Siege of Tom Clancy.

It is effortless, but it continues to do what it wants to do and uses it as an utter pleasure. We like it, too, because it’s designed to play left or right.

It’s an excellent pick for devoted R6 gamers if you can stomach the hefty price tag.

  • The same HERO 25k sensor that makes the G403 so impressive
  • Smooth, fluid mouse with the rate of 1ms and no latency detectable
  • Battery life 48-60 hours
  • Right or left play make swappable buttons
  • Remote build and does not mean snapped or moving cables
  • Buttons alter sensitivity on the bottom of the mouse
  • Properties such as optional weights or additional keys that are lacking on most mice
  • Any athletes could not be fitted with stripped back and lightweight
  • Looks very straightforward and motivational

4.BenQ Zowie S2

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

The BenQ Zowie S2 is a remarkably ‘clicky’ gaming mouse that exceeds the standards and gives us a high-quality experience at a very competitive price point.

Yes, it looks straightforward – with no RGB illumination and a very blunt profile. It is one of the most diminutive ergonomic mice on our list as well.

But its short length makes it suitable for people who like to play with a claw grip, and its buttons are well-positioned to ensure that your first or third finger is still available.

Even if we can’t deal with the 16-24 000 max DPI given by some of the mice on that list, we love the super-tactile mouse wheel, and the optical sensor is nothing to snap at either.

The only drawback is the lack of customization possibilities for this lovely little gaming mouse.

It’s impossible to add extra weights; there aren’t as many buttons as we like (especially troublesome when your secondary gadget is an integral part of your kit/playstyle), and the sensitivity is a pain.

The Zowie S2 and several other lightweight mice are either not on this list, but it’s still a pretty healthy option.

In reality, it is one of the best mice we have ever used, and clearly, BenQ has spent a great deal of time pondering about the form, the design, and how people grab their mice.

If you emphasize ergonomics or struggle to use regular matches, the Zowie S2 is also a good supporter. It’s also useful for people who want an understated desktop or mouse to take to work.

  • The lightweight mouse is a great pleasure to use
  • Small and round back render it
  • Response switches that are perfect for the Rainbow Six Siege and other FPS games
  • Solid building standard, using premium time test materials
  • No professional software has to be installed (plug and play)
  • The DPI cannot be calibrated for people with a high degree of adaptation in four increments (400, 19800, 1600, and 320)
  • There is less than we would like on keys.
  • The feet are very sticky, which means that you can fight to remove smooth glides.
  • The mouse weight can’t be changed.

5.SteelSeries Rival 600

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is potentially the most challenging deal to make our roster a favorite for Team Liquid Muringa.

It takes an absolute age to set up and adapt according to your preferences with 256 custom weight and balance settings.

But the weight gimmick isn’t. It’s not. It’s not true. The Rival 600 is one of the only mice with two optical sensors that deliver a precise crosshair positioning without smoothing or artificial pixel skipping.

Those sensors also have optical depth, such that when the cursor is removed from your mat, it remains precise.

Yes, during the intense or high-pressure matches, we were all guilty of raising our mouse!

The left and right mouse buttons are also connected to some of the most complimentary electronic switches that have ever taken place; they provide loads of extremely accurate guidance in serious firefights.

Naturally, certain downsides are there. It is a pretty big mouse, even though all the optional weights are deleted and even slightly higher than any of the above low-profile mice.

Then you have to remember the hyper-aggressive style and the rigid chain, but let these minor niggles not trick you. This is a luxury sports mouse, with the latest, and the next-generation optical sensor is an A+ feature alone.

  • 2 And if you lift the mate off the mouse, high-performance optical sensors provide precision.
  • Super flexible, with over 256 settings for weight and balance
  • Answer threshold below 1ms
  • Mechanical switches of high quality
  • Sustainable mouse made of high-quality materials that can be played every day
  • Much configuration time to adjust all weights
  • Hyper offensive styling could be a little bit of a bit
  • Less than the mice on this page, ergonomic. After an extended play, some users record wrist pain

6.Zowie EC2

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

The Zowie EC has been out for almost ten years now, and even though lots of pro players still swear by their trusted old EC2-A through several iterations.

We also see the older EC2-A pop-up in various pro lists under the slogan ‘If it didn’t break, don’t repair it.’ This confirms our opinion that form and comfort are critical aspects of a gaming mouse.

However, we would suggest that you use the newer edition if you are interested in this specific kind of mouse because it is 3360 rather than 3310 with a sensor.

The EC2 is a pointing mouse-like all Zowie goods. There is no program to add or tonnes of flashy LED strips and difficult angles to make it seem more ‘games.’. It’s not enough. It is utterly phenomenal in shape and combines with a more than the respectable stock cable.

A robust and stable build – Zowie’s, with its fantastic forms and EC series, is one of the most frequently discussed mice when you speak about this topic.

We like Zowie in upcoming updates to build on the cable because they lag a little behind the competition, but apart from that, it’s just a top gaming mouse.

If you want an ergonomically designed mouse convenient for almost any type of grip, then the EC2 is completely necessary.

For a cause, the shape of the mouse is widely liked and could become your preference for years to come with its good nature and consistent results.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Good grip
  • Nothing

7.Zowie FK1

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

The Zowie EC has been designed as one of the ergonomic mice most recommended, and its FK range is similar in its ambidextrous line.

It took such a long time for FK to update the older 3310 sensors, but the FK Divina (with a bright layer) has been on the market for some time now, and a regular black FK2 has also reached their (probably) second-popular mouse.

Zowie mice are especially popular with shooter players for their reliable and straightforward nature. Only plug the FK1 in, choose your DPI and ask. No program or hassle of several configurations has to be downloaded.

Once your mouse has it, it is an easy 3-second method for you to set up it and play for years to come.

‘Visual performance’ is the philosophy of Zowie, and FK1 is another example. There are no insane labels on the mouse, and even an RGB strip or anything like that does not exist. The shell style and the mouse results speak for themselves.

The FK is a very flat ambidextrous mouse with a well-deserved reputation for its excellent form and is one of the best ways to achieve this kind of style.

It is now an older model but holds very high (as is seen by its being one of the professionals’ most used mice), so do not let this hold you back.

  • Good Performance
  • Amazing design
  • RGB is missing

8.RAZER DeathAdder V2

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

Razer DeathAdder V2 was considered one of the world’s most muscular FPS game mice with its ultra-light shape and phenomenal nature.

With the Chroma RGB illumination technology, the award-winning Razer game mouse enables gamers to play various customization choices. In addition, the Speedflex cable and rubberized mouse side grips provide easy control.

The game mouse Razer DeathAdder v2 features eight programmable buttons and can easily be reworked. Moreover, this gaming mouse is a favorite of eager gamers with the 20,000 DPI sophisticated optical sensor.

Notably, this mouse offers an extended lifetime of almost 70 million clicks and an optimized makeup for super long gaming sessions.

  • Known for its extreme lightness
  • Winning Mouse of Games
  • With Chroma RGB lighting technology, easily customizable
  • The rubberized side grips make the regulation easier.
  • The eight entirely programmable buttons are provided
  • Armed with a sophisticated optical sensor of 20K, 70 million clicks long service life.
  • Makes for relaxation in competitive multiplayer sessions
  • Rubber grips lose every time
  • The thumb button did not work properly


Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

The game mouse SteelSeries Rival 310 comprises exceptionally robust, lightweight materials and offers sophisticated mechanical switches with a long service life of 50,000,000 clicks.

Moreover, these modern split-trigger buttons are intended for the duration of this Gaming Mouse and are suitable for players of varying styles for the ergonomic nature of the product.

The new 12K CPI mouse optical sensor allows precise movement and rapid reaction monitoring to allow a reliable experience.

The best thing is that Rainbow Six Siege players, armed with six programmable keys, can conveniently allocate and save on the mouse’s onboard memory settings for quick access in the future. In addition, Prism RGB technology has enough to accommodate the mouse.

Therefore, you have to buy Rival 310 without additional time if you have been looking for the perfect Rainbow Six Siege mouse specially built for big paws.

  • Mouse very long-lasting and lightweight
  • It includes specialized mechanical switches
  • Equipment of 50 million clicks of longer life
  • Fantastic ergonomic architecture guarantees ease to play all day long. Boasts the new optical sensor to make mouse movement more precise.
  • The mouse has a built-in memory and six programmable keys.
  • Characteristics Prism technology for RGB lighting
  • Best big hands game mouse
  • Grips keep falling off
  • Only two DPI settings available
  • Issues with quick movements.

10.Trust GXT 188

Best Mouse For Rainbow Six Siege

Ergonomic Pro-Gaming Nozzle with very accurate sensor and complete RGB-LED lighting. User memory integrated. You can store all your standard settings in one of the five profiles available.

No program is required to change between games or between users. On-the-fly profiles can also be updated.

The Gaming Mouse is also the perfect place for gamers who often go to tournaments or big LAN parties because the environment is always optimal. Complete RGB-LED illumination adjustable.

To provide a spectacular light display, including the iconic rainbow wave effect, the RGB-LED lighting can be adjusted using accompanying software.

You will use the monitor of LED products under the settings. With its fully lit, heavy breathing, or blinking light results, the lab is in its midst. Like never before, control As soon as his sword, any warrior is lost. Confidence, therefore, assured that the laban mouse is designed for optimal grip and power.

The very accurate optical sensor allows a maximum DPI of 15,000 to be achieved. The text is translated by computer.

  • RED-LED lighting
  • Good Display
  • Nothing

Buyer’s Guide:

Watch the game pro, and every competitor has a specific approach to the game: a signature grip or a unique move from hip fire to Advertising.

Their way to respond to incoming fires or to watch the critical headshots.

This makes it very difficult to recommend the “best” mouse for the Rainbow Six Siege, but you can still keep those aspects in mind. Especially if you want a mouse that will lift your game.

Wireless Vs. Wired: What is the difference that makes it?

Wireless mice in previous days had a lower rate of reaction than their wired relatives. This meant that you and your operator are late (or late).

Today’s state-of-the-art wireless system ensures that most cordless mice have less than one meter reaction times.

It can also be noted that a large number of pro players are using a wireless mouse. If they’re good enough, it’s good enough for us!

The finishing or coating is essential.

Slippery can be glossy finishing. Especially if you have gone in the rubble for the last five minutes, you are sweating bullets when you hear the enemy scooter around.

Rubber layers give much more grip and prove slightly longer-lasting, but the finish will probably not impact your games.

Higher price did not pay Equal output is not always better

In general, it’s easier to choose a cheaper play mouse because higher prices mean better technology, better builds, and better materials. However, there are some exceptions.

Because of the novelty factor/popularity, cutting-edge mice like G Pro Wireless can be a little overpriced. Other labels like Razer are known to charge the land notwithstanding their goods that suffer several reliability problems.


What Mouse Do Pro Players Use Sieges?

Each player uses several mice. Like Razer mice, G403, and several models, the G Pro Wireless is undoubtedly a popular preference.

What is Beaulo using in the mouse?

Beauly uses a mouse for wireless gaming Logitech G pro and plays on a DPI of 400 at publishing.

What is the Best Six Winning DPI For Rainbow?

The best DPI is dependent on your style of play.

Many Rainbow Six Siege players keep their DPI in the 1200-2400 line, but when they go to plenty of ADS gaming, we see some gold-diamond players talking 400-800 lower DPI.

The best recommendation is to use a play mouse and to experiment with adjustable DPI before the sweet spot is reached.

What’s The Best Mouse Settings For Six Wins?

Copy the following configurations when it comes to mouse settings:

  • Mouse / Keyboard raw entry: on Inverted mouse Look: Disabled (This is a personal preference)
  • Horizontal mouse sensitivity: choice for staff
  • Vertical sensitivity of the mouse: preferences for personnel
  • When you dived further into rainbow six siege settings and how you can maximize your FPS and ensuring that your goals are consistent. Check it out, check it! Check it out!


We think the Logitech G403 is the best mouse for Rainbow Six Siege, based on our testing and personal experience.

It may not be the best-customized sensor on the market, like Razer DeathAdder Elite, but its highly customizable nature enables it to be used genuinely. It also has one of the best optical sensors on the market.

It also has all the buttons for your gadgets, customizable DPIs, and ergonomics that are perfect for all grip sizes, so we think you can grab one today if you’re interested in climbing R6.

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