10 Best Mouse for World of Warcraft 2021 - Reviews, FAQS & Guide
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10 Best Mouse for World of Warcraft 2021 – Reviews, FAQS & Guide

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

10 Best Mouse for World of Warcraft 2021 – Reviewed

Even if you never played a video play in your life, you probably have heard of World of Warcraft, and play with the best Mouse can give you the best experience of MMORPG.

It was the single best playing game for some time in history, and it is still wildly successful today, more than a decade and a half after it was published.

World of Warcraft is an online roleplaying game, a massive multiplayer based on the Warcraft franchise, an RTS game.

The setting is a fictional land of Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs fantasy beings. Azeroth is made up of many continents, but Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms were the two largest and original.

These continents are under relentless conflict, one governed by the Horde and the other by the Alliance.

The gameplay is new, and the world is almost infinite like many other wars and crises. To read the whole thing that goes with this game is approximately the equivalent of reading any novels.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
  • 20 buttons for programmable
  • RGB illumination
  • Compact, ergonomic architecture
Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse
Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse
  • Excellent quality design
  • 19 Buttons
  • tactile sensation on Side press
Best Choice
Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse
Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse
  • Large scroll wheel
  • 18 buttons
  • Easy to use

An endless number of prominent characters are found, such as Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Queen Azshara, and Malfurion Stormrage, all with a lengthy background. This is just a tiny fraction of the listed NPCs, all of which have extensive background information.

In comprehensive, fascinating stuff, few Video games can equal World Warcraft. Gameplay recalls the mechanics seen in many RPGs in the early 2000s, but the animations and graphics continue to be essential, and the quality is virtually unrivaled.

10 Best Mice for World of Warcraft

Simply put, the game will launch you at level one and your chosen race. You may be an Orc Warrior or a magician, for instance. You advance through challenges and raids to obtain equipment and experience.

1.Logitech G600

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

The Logitech G600MMO Gaming mouse is older, but because of all the programmable buttons to sell, it is excellent for playing games like WoW.

You have 20 programmable buttons on the Mouse, and this Mouse is the main selling point. The Mouse is ready to use, but we suggest you use the new drivers and the app to make the most of the Mouse.

The mice that the company manufactures are very sturdy for some time now, and Logitech is producing gaming equipment. A Logitech mouse at a reasonable price will last you a few times if you care correctly.

The Logitech G600 does not have a relatively large cursor, so it should not be a challenge for smaller hands because of its ergonomic nature.

There are 12 buttons on the arrow, and at least 8 of them can be used without any problems. You can’t hit the keys from the back. Perhaps you would like to keep them as a backup instead of using them for primary functions.

  • 20 buttons for programmable
  • RGB illumination
  • Compact, ergonomic architecture
  • Excellent quality construction
  • Convenient Consciousness
  • Lateral buttons take some time to get used to

2.Razer Naga Trinity

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

Razer is famous for its excellent games, and here’s the Razer Naga Trinity that is a mighty mouse for every kind of game like WoW Classic. You have the adjustable panels on one side that can be removed.

Each of the stitches is designed with a two-button. There is another one that gives you 12 in 4 rows buttons, and the last button in one circle gives you seven buttons.

You get a lot of personalization with the Razer Naga Trinity. RGB illumination can be used to synchronize with other peripherals and modules. The Mouse is a little giant, and so it might not feel as natural as you’d imagine if you had smaller hands. The Trinity modules allow you to play almost every game without mouse changes. You have several choices for it.

You can monitor various settings, such as illumination and button mapping, with the Razer program. You can also save a customized profile that is an excellent feature.

The hyper shift function enables you to map two separate orders to the same button, which gives the Razer Naga Trinity commands double. You should use this function to prevent using buttons on the keyboard if you choose to maintain your Mouse’s total number of controls.

  • Excellent quality design
  • 19 Buttons
  • tactile sensation on Side press
  • Long-lasting session while using it
  • Sweat and Grime
  • Lateral buttons take a moment to get used to
  • The third button of the Mouse (AKA G-shift/ring-finger) is created a disturbance

3.Redragon M901

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

Redragon M901 has many features and is a perfect budget mouse. The Mouse is in black and white open. The Black edition had a red accent, much like most game equipment on the market in 2020. Like most luxury mousses, there are 12 buttons on the side, but the price tag is significantly smaller.

The Redragon M901 comes with inside weights that can be applied or removed to make it sound the finest. A total of 18 buttons are available, and 12 can be mapped according to the game you play. It is possible to configure three illumination areas. On the other hand, it is also an accurate button that can be used while snipping.

The DPI can accomplish up to 24000, which is very high considering the expense of the cursor. The consumer does not notice the difference, but the functionality is still fantastic. The Mouse has an ergonomic build and is stable for long periods, even while playing.

The profiles of the button can be saved on the excellent Mouse. This way that though you insert the Mouse into a new device, you will maintain your settings. The wheel is vast and convenient to use. The Mouse’s pretty light if you try to delete all the weights.

  • Large scroll wheel
  • 18 buttons
  • Easy to use
  • RGB
  • Specific weight system
  • Onboard memory
  • RGB setup can be detrimental

4.UtechSmart Venus

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

You can change the ergonomic configuration of the UtechSmart Venus Game Mouse and customize a whole host of keys. You have the 12 programmable buttons on the left and the lip on which your thumb can rest.

The lip may have been larger, so you get anything, at least. The soft surface of the rubber is fine, but more is needed at this price point.

The weight is average, and you can adjust how heavy it is if you like it. The Mouse’s DPI can reach 8400, but a higher DPI is not more precise. If you’re interested in the UtechSmart Venus gaming mouse, the Mouse does not monitor on a glaze, which you can bear in mind.

The 12 programmable buttons are grouped into four classes and have separate angles to simplify their differentiation. It takes a while, but muscle memory can take over within a couple of days. The keys are touchy and have a wonderful feeling to push.

On the top of the dpi shift, buttons are LEDs that show the DPI stage. This is not something you can find on modern game mice and is fantastic. The profile shift button is placed at the bottom of the Mouse, and you must move it over to change profiles, but instead of using the app, the actual button is excellent. The Mouse has 4 RGB color areas, and the app offers all the required choices.

  • Flexible architecture
  • Eighteen button
  • Tactile response
  • Device for adjusting the weight
  • Additional Teflon feet pads
  • Building efficiency should be improved

5.Corsair Scimitar Pro

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

Corsair is known for producing excellent game equipment, and the company has products that are practical but still look great when it comes to peripherals. A great example is Corsair Scimitar Pro. Due to its form, various buttons, and style, Corsair Scimitar Pro has one of the best MMO gaming mouses on the market right now.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro improves the RGB Scimitar Corsair that appeared approximately two years ago. The architecture is relatively identical, and you would look at the distinctions more closely. The sensor is improved, but you might not say the difference if you are a hardcore player.

The DPI will reach up to 16,000 people and if you are interested in learning about the difference, read on as discussed below. The two columns are textured so that the user can discern between the key for more easy texture. There are 12 programmable buttons on the left.

You are next to each other, and you get used to it a little. Like most mice with this kind of side press, the column at the far back is more challenging to hit. The buttons and the RGB lighting can be adjusted in a convenient Corsair app that offers many tweaks.

Any stuff to note is that the Corsair Scimitar Pro is a comparatively more giant mouse and has weight. If you are primarily interested in FPS games or like a lightweight mouse, you don’t want to.

  • 12 buttons on the side
  • Excellent for MMO games
  • Clicky keys
  • RGB lighting
  • Quite high.
  • Not suitable for names of FPS
  • Relatively costly

6.Razer Naga Chroma

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

What is a peripheral PC gaming list without a Razer entry? This is an unfinished one. For most PC players, The Razer Naga was casual as well as professional.

It provides an active sensor with 16000 DPI lasers for maximum accuracy during heated PvP fighting. It contains 19 entirely adjustable buttons and 12 touch panel buttons for high-touch input.

The Naga Chroma is developed explicitly for MMO games, so it is designed with the MMO configurator. The Naga Chroma can be entirely customized to include virtual keyboards, abilities, and macros.

Also for fast navigation is the tilt scroll wheel. The scroll wheel can be moved up, down, left, and right.

  • Extremely open, even during competitive online games, with zero input problems.
  • Thanks to the 16000 DPI for maximum accuracy.
  • With 16.8 million interchangeable colors, the smooth look and the RGB lighting can be entirely customized.
  • You deleted the lighting on the logo—just a malfunction.
  • Some gamers say their Naga Chroma’s battery life is concise.

7.Razer Viper Ultimate

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a sensitive mouse for wireless play that has recently been released on the heels of the Razer Viper. It sure isn’t inexpensive, but for the price, you can get some advanced features.

The Viper Ultimate is one of the lightest game mice on the market, with a weight of only 1,5 x 2,6 x 5 inches and just 2.6 ounces. It was swift to point, and I liked its design, and it almost felt weightless in your palm.

It is also ambidextrous and can quickly be flipped between the left and proper modes through its tech. As the Mouse is so expensive, it’s not surprising that the backlight of the Razer logo comes with a color-matched LED.

If you want a little more versatility for your Mouse, the wireless capabilities of Viper Ultimate and a charge-dock are perfect. Wifi charging has a few high-end phones, let alone mice, right now, and the “wow” quotient for me is undoubtedly higher. Razer says the Mouse’s battery will last 70 hours, but the Viper Ultimate won’t appear every day at the port.

Around the same time, though, if you have more extensive hands like me, the tiny form factor is inconvenient. Its high sensitivity (up to 20,000 DPI) will probably also not be helpful if you are a typical gamer.

Most players won’t need that degree of awareness when playing without becoming a serial FPS winner. In that respect, you can find such a high mouse helpful DPI when you are a graphic designer. I propose that you take care of your particular needs.

The Mouse is undoubtedly one of the best wireless services available on the market, although expensive. I believe you would be pleased with it if you are looking for a convenient device that doesn’t compromise efficiency.

  • Lightweight
  • High sensitivity
  • Stylish design
  • Has dock charging
  • Costly.
  • Disadvantaged interface shape factor

8.PICTEK Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

No more look; it’s a gaming mouse with all the configurations you will need. This Mouse can be customised for any game and play style with a DPI setting of up to 7200 and four separate polling speeds up to 5000hz.

The RGB-Settings on the Mouse can be quickly adapted, and seven programmable buttons are available. The ergonomic style makes the game, even for those long evening sessions, feel incredibly relaxed.

  • RGB
  • Ergonomic style
  • Customize
  • Only seven buttons

9.Logitech G502 HERO

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

The G502 Hero Gaming Mouse is excellent for your game world. Logitech creates some of the best peripheral products in the world.

The G502 delivers the ultimate gameplay experience and reactivities by a precision sensor of up to 16.000 DPI. It has up to 11 adjustable buttons, which are ideal for games, such as Fortnite Battle Royale, which require key-binding.

  • Stylish design
  • Amazing build quality
  • Good performance
  • Fewer buttons compare to others

10.Glorious Model O

Best Mouse for World of Warcraft

This excellent Mouse built by Glorious Mouse is “the lightest RGB gaming mouse in the world.” This Mouse was imagined by excited gamers and is everything you might expect in a gaming mouse.

It has a maximum configuration of 12 000 DPI, a very light and compact ascending thread. The mouse wave case is built to keep your palms cool and light, and sturdy.

  • Beautiful design
  • Good performance
  • Lighting Ulta
  • Lightweight
  • Nothing

Buying Guide

World Of Warcraft deals with the fastest combinations and preserves the opponent’s pressure. As such, several keystrokes or combinations of button presses and keystrokes are needed. As you advance in WOW, the more skills you learn, the more combos you collect.

You may schedule an identical combination of keys and buttons with the time difference between each click with the macro button.

Macros are created every time, and hence, you can map complex moves and abilities back to back. You can create macros every time. That’s why WOW controls are essential when playing mice with loads of buttons and excellent profiles and macros applications.

But the only thought are buttons? Not at all. Not at all. Far further has to be taken into account. Your online success needs polling and DPI.

Comfort and fitness are also essential, but in our opinion, any comfortable gaming mouse with enough programmable keys should be adequate, at least before you see WOW as a passive source of income.

Why get a mouse for gaming?

It’s fun to play World Of Warcraft. It can even be addictive, but why should you bother to purchase a specialized WOW Gaming mouse? Won’t any traditional mouse gaming? What about an ordinary mouse every day? If you want to improve your WOW gameplay, you must tailor it to your gameplay style.

Learning to play better requires new combinations and movements, faster-doing tasks, and increasing understanding of the situation.

A WOW-created game mouse allows you to learn combos faster, feel relaxed and never miss a simple skip or button press. Please note that the templates are only planned for MMO gaming.

Indeed, a gaming MMO mouse would feel different immediately if you’ve only employed the same two-button and a middle scroll wheel mouse.

Borrow his or her gaming mouse for a day for a pal who plays professionally or at least for an enthusiast. For the first few minutes, the extra stuff would be uncomfortable. You’ll learn two things after an hour, though.

First, the Mouse won’t wear or distribute the digits. Second, the additional keys, movement configuration, and in-game variations can intuitively continue to be used. You’re surprised by how easily you transform into a game mouse fan.

Then what stuff does a great mouse have to play with WOW?

High rate of polling

The polling rates in Hertz or Hz are calculated. The speed at which the Mouse is connected to your PC is described. Only reverse the polling rate to get the time.

A polling rate of 500Hz is therefore 2ms. Also, 1000Hz corresponds to 1ms. Thus, the lower the time, the greater the polling rate. Of course, depending on supply in your area and budget, you can decide on the highest polling speeds on the market.

Remember that MMO gaming involves quick button presses and sequence precision with time delays and long presses. Therefore, you can still get a mouse with a reasonable separation and high polling rate between the keys.

Buttons are important:

World of Warcraft is a button freaks game. You would never think about having a mouse with ten more buttons unless you play MMO games. However, the 12-button mouse feature distinguishes the dominance and submission of people who spend a second life in the WOW universe.

But the count of buttons is not all. Several cheaper options pack hilt buttons, but their positioning prevents rapid access. The buttons can all be separated or at least lifted so, so you don’t have to stare at them until learning their roles.

Few recognized labels have indentations or curves that travel by close buttons such that your thumb knows the exact shape of your thumb without looking down. On the other side, some manufacturers only put numbers into controls and name MMO game mice.

Our recommendation is to look for brands and models that distinguish between each button.

Switch Design

The best switches on the market use top-class MMO mouse. Cherry and Omron, two firms that cater to Mouse and keyboard switches. Both firms make 100% accurate switches before they break down. False clicks or press buttons will register low-grade controllers.

You click again, but the mouse doubles when the finger stresses slightly after the click. The Mouse registers a double click. However, no injuries occur with Cherry or Omron switches.

Speed in WOWs, robust transfer design, and the time is taken between each keystroke, button, or click are fully controlled.

Software mapping

The last iota of utility can be extracted from a play mouse by a mapping program. This program monitors the polling rates and even the DPI for each Mouse. You should save any of those configurations to many profiles that can be quickly switched into a game such as WOW.

You can schedule all the movements and combinations in additional keys and one button that helps turn the profile immediately. This is the advantage of more butts and decent maps software.

Multiple profiles allow you to shift between offensive and defensive moves in a game quickly.

The DPI and Sensor

One-half of the WOW population of games uses laser sensors; the other half uses an optical sensor for high-precision purposes. Both solutions perform well in WOW, but we believe an optical sensor fits well for most gamers.

An optical sensor is not as accurate as a laser sensor and can not absorb minor imperfections in the play area. Professional players using a laser mouse sensor also have some other mousepads to handle combat jitters. Fortunately, there are little jitters for an optical mouse.

Wired or wireless?

A wired mouse will still have a quicker response time but reaction time delays of less than 10 m are not evident in MMO gaming. In an FPS, 10ms lag can be the difference between blown off your head or lasting enough to win a foundation. The WOW system works and wired-wireless systems as long as polling rates are high and enough buttons are in place.

Grip and Style:

In our view, the best model for you is how you grip the Mouse and play WOW. 26% said they don’t care how they keep their mouses in a new survey by The Wire Cutter. However, some 40% replied that if the grip is more robust than what they used, they would not mind switching on a new gaming mouse.

Distance to lift Off

MMO games involve fast panning, particularly in the form of a team, the map, or the world. You will pick the cursor up when you approach the edge and move it closer to begin again. to do.

The vision will be distorted with a high raise away when you pull down the cursor since the Mouse still tracks in the middle of the air. Ideally, the lift off the size of your cursor is less than 2.5 mm.

Features not to disable your Mouse

Some mice have several other features that aid in games that are different from WOW or common uses. But this functionality impedes MMO to play.

  • Acceleration
  • Jitters
  • Prediction
  • Sensitivity

How much can you pay?

How do you choose the right gaming mouse without expanding your budget with too many variables affecting your WOW play skills? If your conditions are given priority, you may. As a high priority, set the count button and design. The lists are lower in comfort, fitness, polling rate, and lift-off size.

Find a mouse that meets the top four and that you don’t have to surpass your budget. Check new brands and styles. They are cheaper, and they don’t know about the brand of big names.


The software is as essential to an MMO gaming mouse as the hardware. You may have a bunch of keys, but you only wasted cash if you can’t tailor them to your taste. Convenience and ergonomics still matter.

Uninterrupted gambling time entails MMO gaming. Your Mouse should be relaxed, almost as though it were a standard arm extension.

Please note, it is not enough to have a top mouse to better your game. It helps to train more accessible, but you have to learn tactics, play more and improve your skills. However, a decent MMO game mouse helps to improve.

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