How to Choose Best Monitor for Gaming – Quick Tips For Gaming
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How to Choose Best Monitor for Gaming – Quick Tips For Gaming

How to Choose Best Monitor for Gaming

How to Choose Best Monitor for Gaming – Quick Tips For Gaming

Looking for a gaming monitor but not sure what to buy? Well, the confusion is for real and you are not the only one witnessing it. Of course, as a gamer, having an enormous gaming experience is something that you always desire to have.

But having a monitor that is incapable of providing a better gaming experience is a great obstacle between you and huge fun. However, if you know how to choose the best monitor for gaming? Then these worries come to an end. Despite numerous monitors available in the market, there are a few common things which you must consider before buying it.

So, in this article, we will help you understand what you must seek when buying a gaming monitor. Let’s roll!

Resolution and Screen Size

How to Choose Best Monitor for GamingThe first thing you must look at in the monitor is the resolution factor. Yes! Monitor’s resolution plays an important role in delivering optimum gaming results.

And as monitors are different in resolutions, therefore, it is recommended to pick the one that has a high resolution.

The expert gamers believe that the resolution of a monitor should be at least 1920 x 1080.

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But that is just the beginning. Remember, new monitors with widescreen and Quad High-Definition come with 2560 x 1440 resolution, which means solid gaming.

But these monitors have a screen size of 27 inches. Moreover, if space is no problem for you, as well as, money, then you can even hit for the 30-inches gaming monitor.

These monitors have a 3840 x 2160 resolution, which means you play games by completing losing yourself in them. And if you want more action, then it is better to go for an ultra-wide curved panel gaming monitor because it is simply mind-blowing.

Technology and Different Panels

How to Choose Best Monitor for GamingAs gaming monitors seem to be coming in different technologies, so the major techs include LCD, Plasma, ORT, and OLED. Now if you are confused about OLCD, LCD, or WLCD, then you must understand that these are all the derivatives of LCD including the Quantum dot display.

Similarly, the derivatives of OLED include PMOLED, Transparent, AMOLED). You just can’t know how to choose the best monitor for gaming? If you don’t know what technology are you looking for? In the same way, there are different panels, for example, the Twisted Nematic or (TN) which are inexpensive panels and suitable for gamers, as they offer quick pixel response, as well as, refresh rates.

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However, you might find a different color display when seeing it from another angle.

Next in line are the VA panels (Vertical Alignment) which have enhanced contrast ratio, deep blacks, and strong colors, but they do develop a very prominent ghosting effect, which negatively affects the overall gaming performance.

In IPS panels (In-Plane Switching) offers premium colors and wide angles display along with high gray-scale performance. Nevertheless, these monitors also have motion artifacts.

Screen Size

How to Choose Best Monitor for Gaming After panels and technology, the next big thing is the screen of the monitor. Well, gone are the days when managing games over a small screen monitor was all you got.

Now, every gamer seeks a gigantic screen for the best gaming experience. And if you look at the sizes these days, you will find that many companies are busy in manufacturing wide and lengthy monitors.

So finding a 27 inches screen is no big deal in every other gamer’s den. But it also depends upon the budget.

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Of course, you need to pay more to get a preferable screen to enjoy the sensation. However, companies are producing budget-friendly monitors to make sure you are never out of gaming pleasure.

But be careful! Don’t fall for a price if the panels are syncs are not provided in the monitor you are about or thinking to buy.

G-Sync and FreeSync

How to Choose Best Monitor for Gaming The problem begins when the gamer doesn’t know how to choose the best monitor for gaming. Let’s be honest here, many interested people wish to have a bigger screen while they avoid the technicalities.

And as an outcome, they witness several bad conditions in the performance. And the most common one is the screen tear.

Most gamers hate the screen tearing issue. So to eliminate this problem, AMG and NVIDIA have developed a technology that can be found in many gaming monitors.

G-sync is the product of NVIDIA and it is only compatible with NVIDIA GPUs. On the contrary, FreeSync is the product of AMG. But several reviews have confirmed that G-Sync gives better performance.

G-Sync and FreeSync synchronized with your monitor’s frame rate with the refresh rate, which helps in turning down the screen-tearing. But your system must have NVIDIA or AMG to enjoy this great feature.

This is one of the best ways to get rid of screen-tearing, but make sure you have these cards available in your system, or else there won’t be major results.

Refresh Rate

How to Choose Best Monitor for GamingFirst of all you should know what a refresh rate is? To make you understand most easily, the refresh rate is the time (in seconds) your monitor takes to redraw the overall screen.

If you don’t know how to know what refresh rate a particular monitor has, just look for the Hertz in the specification, as the refresh Is measured in Hz (Hertz).

Many monitors have 60Hz which is quite slow and produces blurry results. This is why you must go for at least a 120Hz monitor if possible. Because there are several advantages of 120Hz, such as:

Minimum chances of screen tearing

  • High color display
  • Fast output
  • No blurriness
  • Video Inputs

A gaming monitor without many options of input is useless, especially in this era. And you know why? It is because you cannot connect your gaming consoles (Xbox or PS4) with it.

So don’t forget to buy a monitor with all the necessary video input.

Other Important Must-Have Features

Also, if you are not sure how to choose the best monitor for gaming. The one that can be your best gaming buddy, then look for these features as well:

  • HDMI ports
  • USB ports
  • High-end DVI connectivity and DisplayPort
  • Swivel adjustments
  • Built-in speaker system

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