How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works - Easy Steps
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How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works – Easy Steps

How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works – Easy Steps

Bluetooth earbuds are getting very common day by day. As of now, you can easily find some cheap yet good Bluetooth wireless earbuds. Bluetooth earbuds are very convenient in many ways.

You can connect your calls or listen to music without getting your phone out of pocket. You don’t need to worry about entangled wires and can connect multiple devices.

Besides a tech accessory, Bluetooth earbuds have become a fashion statement. Most people wear them as a fashion accessory. And no doubt you can find some premium Bluetooth earbuds that make you stand out in the crowd.

The convenience of wireless technology is just on another level. And manufacturers are moving to complete wireless technologies.

Mobile companies are stepping towards wireless Bluetooth earbuds as major companies have already removed old school 3.5mm headphone jacks.

How to fix Bluetooth Earbuds

Once you are in a dilemma with wireless Bluetooth earbuds you may not find yourself coming back.


Like every tech product, you can also face some issues with Bluetooth earbuds. Most of the time connectivity issues are encountered by users.

One of the most annoying and very common issues is one side of the earbud stops working or won’t connect properly. This is the problem you can expect in any pairs of Bluetooth earbuds.

And chances are that you are trying to make it work and searching for its solutions. Then you are in the right place. Being a tech geek we can guide you through possible reasons and How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works. There can be several underlying causes for this specific issue.

There are some ways you can fix it on your own. We recommend you to try fixing your Bluetooth earbuds once, before getting them for repair. Here is our complete guide on How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works.

How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works.

  1. Check your Audio Source:

Whenever you experience sound loss at one side of the Bluetooth earbud, always check your audio file. There are some audio files formatted at mono-audio. This results in hearing sound on only one side of an earbud.

This is very simple to check the file audio, just play another track or search on youtube for a stereo soundtrack. You can also play a 3d song to check if both sides of Bluetooth earbuds are working.

  • Reconnect earbuds to each other:

All Earbus work wirelessly by synchronizing sound to each other. If you have ever used wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you may know that they have to be connected to each other before pairing. If you are facing a problem with one side of an earbud, repair them to each other, and then connect to your device.

  • Reconnect earbuds to the device:

If your problem is still not resolved and you are in search of an answer to how to fix Bluetooth earbuds when one side is not working. Try removing your earbuds from paired devices and reconnect them to your device. It shall work if there is a glitch in connectivity.

  • Move closer to the device:

If you face the loss of sound in one side of the earbud while moving away from the device. Then possibly the reason behind is the range of earbuds. Companies claim a figure of the range which is estimated. But in practical life, you always get low range coverage.

Always check the Bluetooth version of your earbuds before buying. We recommend getting Bluetooth 5.0+ for excellent sound range.

In some cases, there can be issues with the hardware of earbuds which result in limited hearing range. If the issue continues to perceive and you get a barely low range of wireless hearing on the earbud, get them checked by a professional

  • Reset your Earbuds:

Bluetooth earbuds frequently get messed up with connectivity errors. If your Bluetooth earbuds aren’t connecting at all or there is a problem connecting with one side of the earbud, resetting them is highly recommended. This will make sure your software doesn’t have any software issues.

  • Press and hold both earbuds capacitive buttons at the same time
  • It can take up to 30-seconds
  • You will hear a beep or saw ready to pair light blinking
  • Check firmware update:

When users face issues like lacking sound on one side of earbuds, manufacturers often roll out firmware updates to fix any sound issues and enhance the sound experience. Always keep your Bluetooth earbuds updated to avoid any software related issue.

  • Check audio settings on the device:

Multiple devices support advanced audio settings, including switching to mono sound, changing the balance of left and right earbud. If you mistakenly have changed any setting on your device, it may end up in the malfunctioning of earbuds. And if you aren’t an advanced mobile or pc user you find yourself on google searching for how to fix Bluetooth earbuds when one side is not working. To check advance settings on mobile follow these steps;

  • Go to accessibility settings ( both in android and iPhone)
  • Find sound Balance
  • Here you will also see mono audio toggle, make sure it if off
How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

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Here is the demonstration for windows;

  • Go to settings> Audio> Toggle mono audio off
How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

  • Check the individual battery of earbuds:

Sometimes, we put our earbuds in a charging case in a hurry and miss the magnetic connection spot. This can result in the low battery of one earbud. You can easily check the individual battery life of both earbuds in the company’s default application. And on some android phones, the Bluetooth page also gives you battery information

  • Check your mobile Bluetooth:

If you have checked the battery of earbuds and tried resetting them already. It is time to check your phone’s Bluetooth support. To make sure Bluetooth is working properly try connecting alternative Bluetooth earbuds. If the problem remains with other earbuds, your Bluetooth antenna has gone weak or damaged.

  1. Charge it to 100% and try again:

Before giving up, charge your earbuds to 100% and try again after a while. If still, you are confused about how to fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one side works. Then you should know that there is a hardware problem going on

  1. Turn off audio processing or any audio codecs:

When it comes to hardware problems, hardware acceleration can be a problem as well. Many of us push our Bluetooth earbuds beyond their limits by running hardware acceleration through audio processing. If you have

done such a thing to enhance the sound of earbuds, try turning it off

  1. Get them to repair professionally:

At last, when you are done with everything we mention in our guide on How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works. And nothing worked for you, then you have to get them to repair professionally. Don’t try to open them at home and experiment if you don’t know about such things.

The best idea here will be to get the most out of your warranty. If your earbuds are under warranty just take them to the service center. Even if a warranty is expired, always try to get them to repair from an official service center to maintain quality.     

Common causes of this malfunction of Bluetooth earbuds

  • Pairing Issue

This is one of the most common issues in the malfunctioning of Bluetooth earbuds. Generally, Bluetooth earbuds are in pairs and you have to connect them to each other before pairing them to any device. If you didn’t follow the initial pairing setup of Bluetooth earbuds, you shall end up having only one side working.

Whenever you purchase a new set of Bluetooth earbuds connect them by following instructions. Or some advanced Bluetooth earbuds automatically do this process. But it is always good to double-check the earbuds connection before pairing them to your device.

  • Firmware Issue

Bluetooth earbuds are smart devices. And support several software functions like tap to play or pause etc. All of these functions are carried out through firmware on earbuds. Firmware is supported through the default application of Bluetooth earbuds.

If you are facing the issue and don’t know how to fix one side of Bluetooth earbuds when it’s not working, check for a firmware update. You can check for firmware updates in the relevant application of your earbuds.

  • Charging Issue

Bluetooth earbuds charge separately with a magnetic connection to the charging case. If one earbud is not working, chances are your earbud may have an issue getting charged or there is a problem with the charging case. You can check your charging case by replacing your silent bud with a working one.

  • Broken wire

 This is a major culprit of damaging one side of Bluetooth earbuds. You can break your wire connection if you drop your earbuds frequently. If your earbuds are completely charged and there is no issue with the firmware. Then you should look inside your earbuds.

These are most likely causes of why one side of Bluetooth earbuds doesn’t work.


These Bluetooth earbuds come with excellent features like noise cancelation, good bass support, some premium earbuds also provide you low latency mode in some models from different companies. All of these features make these good alternatives for wired headphones.

Coming to battery life almost all earbuds pair come with a battery charging case, so you can get almost 5-6 hours battery backup. 

And the main points why people are getting more and more interested in wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the convenience and the near future of wireless mobile accessories.

We have covered all possible reasons and solutions to how to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works. You can try them before heading towards the market. Because sometimes there is just a minor error that we can resolve on our own. We hope you find this article useful.

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